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"Many programs, especially outdoor adventures, help young people develop teamwork skills. For children whose abilities exceed those of their age mates, ungraded programs based on interest and skill rather than age provide a supportive and stimulating environment." Cindy Ware (1990)

Out of school provisions

A range of provisions for gifted and talented students exists outside of school hours and operations by way of specialised programmes offered after school, on weekends, and during holidays. These include summer camps, sports activities, seminars, and workshops or clubs offered by such organisations as the New Zealand Association for Gifted Children and the New Zealand Council for Gifted Education, or by such educational institutions as the George Parkyn Centre. Most of these activities involve fees and are available at different times during the year in limited locations throughout the country.


Gifted Education Centre

  • National organisation that provides one day a week gifted classes for primary aged children in a range of locations throughout New Zealand.

Gifted Kids

  • Provides one day a week gifted classes for primary aged children, in key locations throughout New Zealand.

Holiday Seminars

  • School holiday courses for gifted students, in the Auckland region.

New Zealand Association for Gifted Children

  • Regional branches of the NZAGC provide a range of support for gifted children, including meetings, club days, holiday programmes and family camps.

New Zealand School of Music Young Musicians Programme

  • An auditioned Saturday programme for gifted young musicians in the Wellington region.

Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand

  • Provides opportunities for students to learn about, and perform, Shakespearean plays. “SGCNZ encourages people to relish the richness of language, have fun with figures of speech, explore literature and let their imaginary forces work…!”

The Alpha Digital Facility

  • Online school for gifted students, either as an alternative to regular schooling or in addition to it through after school opportunities.

Wellington Youth Orchestra

  • Provides opportunities for gifted young musicians to play in one of two youth orchestras.