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Identification criteria

Schools need to decide what they are going to identify. This will be determined by the school's  definition of giftedness and talent, which should have emerged from consultation with the school's community.

The following pages provide information to support schools as they make decisions about what they are going to identify.

For schools starting this process, it would be realistic to prioritise the areas of giftedness and talent they are going to identify rather than assuming that all areas can be covered at once.

Education Review Office

An effective identification process has the following characteristics:

  • it is consistent with the school’s definition and programmes;
  • it is school‑wide, undertaken early, and ongoing;
  • it is communicated openly between parents, students, teachers and the board of trustees;
  • it has a multi-method approach; and
  • it makes provisions to identify special groups, including Māori, students from other cultures/ethnicities, students with learning difficulties or disabilities, underachievers, and those from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Education Review Office, (2008a), p.6

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