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Informal tools

Informal tools




Teacher nomination / observation

  • Utilises teachers knowledge of students
  • Unobtrusive in the classroom
  • Multiple opportunities for students to be identified
  • Variable results dependent on teachers conceptions of giftedness, bias and stereotyping
  • Subjective

Rating scales / behavioral characteristics

  • Increases accuracy of teacher identification
  • Focus on characteristics of gifted students, rather than performance
  • Time consuming to complete
  • Results dependent on classroom environment
  • May focus on positive characteristics only

Peer nomination

  • Useful in identification of culturally diverse, underachieving
  • Subjective
  • Based on own level of expertise

Self nomination

  • Provides opportunities for students to share what they can do, both inside and outside the classroom
  • Subjective
  • Gifted students can be hard on themselves
  • Personal qualities such as shyness may interfere with nomination

Parent/Whānau nomination

  • In depth knowledge of student, including pre-school development and out of school activities/interests
  • Subjective – based on parents' knowledge and experience


  • Provides rich data on student achievement
  • Reliance on student achievement – may not identify underachievers
  • Dependent on students having opportunities to showcase ability

Authentic assessment

  • Variety of possible responses provides more opportunities for students to show what they are capable of
  • Scoring is complex
  • Time consuming