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"One constant finding in the research literature is that notable improvements in education almost never take place in the absence of professional development."

Guskey, TR (2000)

MoE funded GATE PLD

The Ministry of Education provides professional learning and development (PLD) in gifted and talented education to English and Māori medium schools.

The programme is run by Te Toi Tupu in the North Island.

The PLD is designed to help teachers identify and respond to the needs of gifted and talented students in the classroom. It includes networking, step-by-step support, and resources to help schools to develop and implement a school-wide approach to gifted and talented education. 

The programme can support schools to meet their obligations under the National Administrative Guidelines, which require schools to identify gifted and talented students, and develop and implement appropriate teaching and learning strategies to address these students’ needs [NAG 1c(iii) and NAG 1(d)].

Kia Rewa ki Runga: Helping Gifted Students Soar

Te Toi Tupu, a consortium of five educational organisations, holds the MoE contract to provide professional learning and development in gifted education to English medium schools in the North Island for 2012-2014.  The organisations that form Te Toi Tupu are as follows:

  • Cognition Education
  • CORE Education
  • The New Zealand Council for Educational Research
  • The University of Waikato
  • Waikato-Tainui College for Research and Development

Kia Rewa ki Runga: Helping Gifted Students Soar is the name given to the programme. It is specifically designed to improve the capability of school leaders and teachers to meet the needs of gifted and talented students in Years 1-13, with a particular focus on with a particular focus on gifted students with special education needs, gifted students who are underachieving in the regular school system and gifted students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Acknowledging, valuing and building on the strengths of each student’s identity, language and culture is an integral part of Kia Rewa ki Runga.  

Our contract with the Ministry of Education (Ministry) has three major outcome areas:

  • Nationally: Ongoing management of the TKI Gifted and Talented Online site;
  • Regionally: Development of regional gifted and talented education (GATE) capability;
  • Locally: In-depth work with school leaders and teachers.

The PLD programme is facilitated by experienced teachers of gifted students and provides opportunities for in-depth learning that can be readily translated into effective classroom practice. The diagram below shows how the various aspects of the PLD programme have been deliberately designed to ensure a consistent approach to delivery that will lead to improved outcomes for gifted students:

For further information please contact the project leader,  Ann Easter.