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PDF icon. A Nation Deceived (PDF, 2 MB)  Colangelo, N; Assouline, SG & Gross, MUM (2004)

PDF icon. Policy and implementation strategies (PDF, 521 KB)  for the education of gifted and talented students, NSW Department of Education and Training (2004)


Academic acceleration is generally regarded as proceeding through the stages of schooling at a pace faster than usual. Accelerated students are able to progress with their ability peers, rather than being grouped with their age-peers. The pace and depth of their learning can be better matched to their individual needs.

Acceleration has been described as vertical extension/development, as opposed to horizontal extension/lateral development, which is commonly called enrichment. A combination of the two approaches benefits gifted students. It is said that any acceleration includes some enrichment and good enrichment should include some acceleration. The degree of each is dependent on the individual needs of the student.