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Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself.

- Chinese Proverb

Involving parents/whānau

Bringing out the potential in gifted students is a three-way partnership between:

  • School and teachers
  • Parents/whānau
  • Gifted student

Many parents of gifted students may have been gifted students who themselves were not catered for while at school.

Part of the GATE Coordinator’s responsibilities is to keep parents/whānau informed about their gifted child and what the school is doing to support them to develop their gifts. Parents/whānau may also need support in understanding the characteristics of giftedness and how these can manifest in the home.

Parents/whānau will have a wealth of information about their gifted child and should be utilised in both the identification and the provision process. The GATE Coordinator should allow time at Parent Teacher Evenings for GATE Programme parents to come and see them.

Other schools have also found the following useful:

  • Holding a whānau evening to help define what giftedness is at their school
  • Creating a GATE Parent/Whānau Focus Group that meets once a term to discuss the programme with the GATE Coordinator, providing feedback and support
  • Holding parent information evenings on different topics
  • Utilising the special skills of parents to help mentor or enrich gifted students.

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