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From the very beginning of his his education, the child should experience the joy of discovery.

- Alfred North Whitehead

Planning and implementation

It is recommended that GATE Coordinator’s join the TKI Gifted and Talented Mailing List as then they will be able to access support from people involved in GATE, both nationally and internationally. Teachers are also able to access the Gifted and Talented Resource Exchange.

GATE Coordinators should work with their GATE Team to use a collaborative inquiry approach to cater for their gifted learners. It is also essential that staff, students, parents/whānau are consulted when developing and implementing guidelines. They are the key stakeholders of the programme and need to be “owned” by the school community.

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The following steps are outlined in Gifted and Talented Students: Meeting their needs in New Zealand Schools (Ministry of Education, 2012, p.16-17):

  • Including GATE in strategic planning – Charter, Strategic Plan, Annual Targets and Reviews
  • Developing a rationale
  • Identifying the stakeholders
  • Setting goals and objectives
  • Making decisions about differentiation
  • Creating an annual plan
  • Implementing the guidelines

The schoolwide strengths and needs assessment should be used as a starting point. This self-review tool has been developed to assist schools/kura to monitor and evaluate their current provisions for gifted and talented students.

It is divided into three sections:

  1. School organisation;
  2. Definition and identification;
  3. Effective teaching and learning. 

Schools/kura are encouraged to work their way through the document, highlighting relevant aspects of their practice from each column in order to identify their current strengths and needs in order to prioritise next steps. GATE Teams can do this by highlighting a box that shows their current practice in one colour (e.g. yellow) and then changing the text colour (e.g. red) in the box of their ‘goal’ to demonstrate where they would like to get to within a set period of time.

Through communicating and collaborating with the key stake holders (students, staff, parents/whānau), the GATE Team will be able to decide on what elements will be offered as part of their school’s provision for gifted students. These elements will be a mixture of Regular Classroom Programmes,  Differentiation, Enrichment and Acceleration, Special Programmes within the School and Programmes Outside of School

Once provisions are up and running there are three key processes that the GATE Coordinator must implement – keeping a register of GATE students, involving parents/whānau, and continual review and evaluation of procedures and provisions.