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If you would like more information about these webinars, or to find out how you can run a webinar with our help, please contact us at: help@tki.org.nz

Webinars are easy to set up and are a great way to present information to a group of people online!



In 2011, with help from the NZ Ministry of Education, a series of webinars were broadcast. These were about assessment and programmes for gifted and talented students, in the context of the NZ Curriculum and National Standards for levels 1-8, and were aimed at teachers, school leaders, and Gifted professionals.

Building the capability of the sector through the provision of focused professional learning opportunities is central to ensuring that schools continue to develop their understanding of the teaching and learning needs of gifted and talented students.

Webinar 1: "Assessment for Gifted & Talented Education"

View the presentation recording and PowerPoint here

Webinar 2: "Teaching Gifted and Talented Students in New Zealand Classrooms"

View the presentation recording and PowerPoint here

Webinar 3: "Self Review"

View the presentation PowerPoint here

Webinar 4: "National Standards and gifted and talented: are they compatible?"

View the presentation PowerPoint here