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NZHEA student essay competition 2017

This essay competition is open to students from schools who are NZHEA members. It is designed
to provide:
 Students with an opportunity to showcase their Health Education knowledge and
understanding at a high level
 Other students of Health Education with understanding of health and well-being issues
relevant to them and their communities, or with relevance nationally or globally
 Members of NZHEA an opportunity to see high quality Health Education work.
Eligibility criteria:
Any NZ secondary school student whose school is a current NZHEA member. Entries are due by
29 Sept (end of term 3), and are to be emailed to: nzhea.secretary@gmail.com

more information: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxZn2B89inX0b3ViQ0hpVDl4LXc