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  • The GaTE Foundation Series is the perfect introduction to GaTE Coordinators, teachers, SLT, SENCOs or RTLBs to working with gifted students.

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GaTE | Foundation Series

20 June 2017 9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Location: Auckland

Day 1 - All on the same page (20 June)
Create a shared understanding of what the words ‘gifted’ and ‘talented’ mean and hear what the research tells us about gifted students. Explore the different domains of giftedness and the characteristic behaviours and attributes of students in each of these domains. Start to build an understanding of how you can identify and cater for these students, based on their areas of ability. In the afternoon session we will build on the research foundations established in the morning and share with you established tools and templates to enable you to conduct your own comprehensive and robust whole school GaTE review.

Day 2 - Identifying to provide (9 August)
We work with you to develop a school-wide plan for GaTE in your school using information gained through your school-wide review. In the afternoon, we will work with you to create establishing defensible, transparent, school-wide identification practices and processes. This includes looking at different identification processes that are being used in both New Zealand primary and secondary schools and working with you to create/adapt one for your own context.

Day 3 Two sides of the same coin (28 September)
This day looks at how to “provide to identify” and how to use Gagné’s DMGT as a provision plan to implement environmental and intrapersonal catalysts. We will introduce you to practical differentiation strategies that can be used within the regular classroom for students to show their ability, no matter their domain or level of giftedness. We also work with you to develop pre-assessment strategies for your context, set a school acceleration process, help students work through being in the ‘learning pit’ and help to begin to help students with perfectionism or anxiety issues.

Day 4 - Taking the next steps (20 November)
Our final day will take you through a range of practical strategies for working with gifted students. These include using flexible grouping, creating an invitational learning environment and working with BYOD/LwDT within the regular classroom. We will also look at how we begin to work with 2E/Twice-exceptional students (those who are gifted plus have a learning issue of some kind) to help them meet their true potential within the regular classroom environment.

This series is suitable for primary, intermediate and secondary.

To book go to https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/gate-foundation-series-registration-33551954800

More information can be found at:   http://cognitioneducation.com or by emailing btrenwith@cognitioneducation.com