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Gifted Learners

Tukuna kia rere

Events and opportunities for gifted learners

We welcome information about events or opportunities that are of interest to gifted learners, their teachers and families. If you would like to contribute an item, please contact the moderator with details, for consideration.

Climate Change action

Climate Change Commission open Zoom series - Rangatahi for climate action.

Rangatahi for climate action.

Ethics Olympiad

Ethics Olympiad schools promote respectful, supportive and rigorous discussion around current ethical issues. They are marked out by their commitment to student development in civil, critical and well informed ethical discourse. Online and face to face events are held for junior, middle and high school students in New Zealand and Australia.

For more information go to: Ethics Olympiad

Virtual Learning Network

There are lots of great online learning opportunities being offered through the VLN Primary School network which could be suitable for gifted learners including "Gifted and going deeper" a 30 week online course for academically gifted learners.

Find out more: VLN Primary School



FutureLearn, works with leading universities and organizations around the world to offer our learners relevant, high quality courses across a huge range of topics. In some instances we work with partners to sponsor courses, so that all learners can receive a free certificate and access for as long as it’s on FutureLearn.

That means that you can show friends, family, colleagues, and potential employers that you’ve completed the course and you’re ready to put your new skills to the test.

For more information click here