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Events and opportunities for gifted learners

We welcome information about events or opportunities that are of interest to gifted learners, their teachers and families. If you would like to contribute an item, please contact the moderator with details, for consideration.

Ethics Olympiads

What is an Ethics Olympiad Invitational?

During the day all students will be involved in a series of three Ethics Olympiad heats where they will be scored according to set criteria which rewards, clear, concise, respectful discourse around challenging ethical cases. At the end of the day, two teams will face off for the Gold Medal or Silver Medal, and Bronze Medals will also be awarded to the third-placed team. This unique event will interest Gifted and Talented teachers, RE Teachers, Social Science Teachers, Philosophy teachers, Principals and School Administrators. The event is designed to provide a focus for schools wanting to develop critical thinking skills in students.

How does it work?

Each school will send a team or two teams of five 'ethletes'. The heats will be run simultaneously- with a common format and common timing. There will be a round robin format with different schools participating against each other. A central timing system and administrator will coordinate the event so that all Heats start and finish at the same time. Teachers will act as judges for schools apart from their own. You can find the score sheet and criteria online and these will be sent to coaches once a school is registered. Scores will be private on the day, but we will email the final scores to each participating school after the event. The finalists will be announced at the end of the day before a playoff to determine the gold medal-winning schools. University philosophy lecturers and ethicists will judge the final event in the afternoon.

For more information and to register your school: Senior School Olympiads

Global Talent Mentoring Hub

An interesting opportunity for secondary schools, kura, secondary school clusters or Kāhui Ako is the Global Online Mentoring Platform Connecting Young STEM Talents and STEM Experts. Development of the Global Talent Mentoring Hub is spearheaded by online mentoring expert Prof. Dr. Heidrun Stoeger and her full-time GTMH team at the University of Regensburg, Germany. The Global Talent Mentoring Hub is one of several projects that are part of the World Giftedness Center (WGC), a larger research undertaking that will launch in late 2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Global Talent Mentoring Hub team are seeking partner institutions to assist in finding the best mentees and mentors around the world. Partner institutions will nominate potential mentees and/or mentors in their home countries.

The attached document has more information and contact details.

Gifted Wellbeing

Gifted Wellbeing: NZAGC National Conference

March 21-22 2020

Rangi Ruru School


For more information go to:

The New Zealand Association for Gifted Children

Virtual Learning Network

There are lots of great online learning opportunities being offered through the VLN Primary School network which could be suitable for gifted learners.

Find out more: VLN Primary School