Gifted Learners

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Professional Learning and Development Events and Opportunities

There are many PLD opportunities available for those wanting to identify and improve outcomes for their gifted and talented learners. This video from Helen Timperley examines the factors that help PLD have successful outcomes for learners. You could also take a look at this presentation for relevant research.

Helen Timperley - Effective PLD

Helen Timperley, Professor of Education at The University of Auckland, talks about professional development that makes a difference to student learning. Helen talks about the importance of combining careful assessment and analysis with pedagogical content knowledge, and ways teachers can gain this knowledge through cycles of inquiry into their practice.


Let us know if you have any events coming up in the next few months.

Tournament of Minds (ToM)

Free 'What Is TOM?' online workshops for any teachers or facilitators that are interested in trying out TOM. They are listed on our website and facebook page and here they are below as well:

26 February, 7.30pm

29 February, 4.00pm

2 March, 10.00am

20 March, 4.00pm

21 March, 7.30pm

23 March, 7.30pm

Book on our workshops page (search NZ branch)

PLD Courses and Support

Aotearoa Gifted New Zealand (formerly REACH Education)

Aotearoa Gifted NZ offers two online courses specially designed to meet the needs of educators at every level of schooling:

[1] The Certificate of Effective Practice in Gifted Education – check back for 2024 delivery dates Available nationally and online. Has NZQA micro-credentials – 15 credits at Level 6. Winner, 2017 USA NAGC Professional Development Network Award. Developed especially for Aotearoa New Zealand and running since 2006, this in-depth 13-module course features:

  • Illuminating insights into the world of the gifted learners
  • A strong focus on practical strategies achievable for classroom teachers at all levels – strategies which also meet the need for a bi-cultural and inclusive approach
  • Individual guidance throughout from an expert practitioner in the field
  • Access to a wealth of resources and readings for your ongoing guidance
  • A realistic fee structure.

[2] A Gifted Intensive Also available nationally and online, this shorter four-module course is designed as a practical introduction for those new to the field and is also useful for those needing the basics but with limited time. It has all the key features of the certificate course, including insights into the world of giftedness, practical strategies offering a bi-cultural and inclusive approach and individual tutoring throughout, but all in a more compact format. This course is offered at the beginning of Terms 1, 2 and 3. To register your interest please email us now at: For the prospectus and enrolment form for either course, see our website


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Gifted NEX

Gifted NEX: local and online hui are available throughout the year- check for more information.

New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education

At New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education (NZCGE) we aim to provide Professional Learning and Development (PLD) that is unique in that it draws not just from our own PLD in this field but also from our experience in working with gifted learners.

See our upcoming PLD on offer here:

Potential to Performance

Potential to Performance offers a range of affordable and accessible online professional learning and development courses. Able to be purchased as a one-off course or in a value-added subscription model, these practical courses are gaining rave reviews from teachers and leaders alike. Pricing options allow you to sign up one educator or all the staff in you kura or kāhui ako. This means that all staff can get access to personalised PLD support when and where they need it.

Two particular bundles are worth investigating for those that wish to improve on their support of our gifted learners:

Conscious Inclusion Bundle This course is recommended for any kura wanting to improve their inclusion practice. It covers both ends of the spectrum and promotes connections to all children within our classes. With 12 additional courses being added each year, this course includes (but is not limited to): * Introduction to gifted and talented education * Building self-efficacy * Introduction to differentiation * Learning for most impact * Introduction to multi-exceptional * Oppositional Defiance Disorder * 35 tips for gifted kids and those who raise them * Working with students with down syndrome * Using the Williams Matrix Model * Intensities and overexcitabilities

Supporting Wellbeing Bundle Focused on supporting those students that need us most, these courses work with New Zealand experts like Brooke Trenwith, Michael Hempseed and Vanessa White to turn theory into practice. An additional 10 courses are added per year on the subscription model. The bundle includes but is not limited to:

  • Preventing suicide in schools
  • Wellbeing in our gifted rainbow students
  • Sensory processing issues
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Gifted identity and toxic shame
  • A culturally-responsive tiered approach to trauma informed practice
  • Finding help
  • Safe to learn
  • Working with aggressive young people
  • Anxiety and depression

Check out our website for more information

TGC Trust / The Head Office in Taranaki

The TGC Team offers professional learning opportunities for Taranaki educators twice a year.

You can find further information on our website here.