Gifted Learners

Tukuna kia rere

Exceptionality: Digging Deeper - Whakaahurutia te iho wairua o te ākonga

When gifted learners are active participants in their learning and experience appropriately differentiated teaching and learning, well-being is promoted and achievement and progress is accelerated.

Recognising and responding to particular needs

Respond to the strengths, needs and interest of gifted learners through personalised approaches to teaching and learning.

Nurturing social and emotional well-being

‘Honesty, fairness, moral issues, global concerns, and sensitivity to others are common themes in the lives of gifted children’ (Silverman, 2011, n.p.)


'The common perception of the extremely gifted as eager, academically successful young people who display high levels of task commitment has been refuted by research (Pringle, 1970; Painter, 1976; Whitmore, 1980; Gross, 1993).' (Gross, 2000).

Beyond the Classroom

Utilise a range of opportunities and expertise in your community to support talent development.

Evaluation of effectiveness

Determining the effectiveness of programmes that are out of school but connect communities of learners should adhere to similar principles and practices as for any other provisions