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Professional Learning and Development providers

C.A.G.E. The Canterbury Association for Gifted Education

C.A.G.E. is an educational organisation for teaching professionals to provide support for those working with gifted and talented students. Its aim is to provide professional development and support for teachers through regular meetings and workshops, in all areas of gifted and talented education. These areas include the academic, physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the gifted and talented.


CenGATE is based in Palmerston North and was set up to provide educators and professionals of all sectors opportunities for network, support and professional development. Some topics are also open to families and students. CenGATE provides a balance of professional development initiatives and practical networking opportunities to support anyone with the responsibility of nurturing gifted learners. The group meets once per term to enable teachers to share their concerns, experiences and successes. This feedback is followed up with further Professional Development.


The goals of giftEDnz:

  • To advocate for equitable educational opportunities for gifted and talented students.
  • To enhance the profile of gifted and talented education in New Zealand.
  • To create a professional community for networking, supporting and learning.
  • To encourage the pursuit and sharing of best practice in gifted and talented education.
  • To provide liaison with international organizations and other national associations for gifted and talented education.

giftEDnz also have a speakers bureau: The speakers listed in the Speakers’ Bureau are current members of giftEDnz, or past and present Board members, who are willing to speak to professional groups on matters related to gifted education. The speakers will give their time and expertise, and giftEDnz will cover the cost of a speaker’s travel, accommodation (up to a specified value) and also pay an honorarium to the speaker. There are up to 4 Speakers’ Bureau funding opportunities available annually.

IPL - The Institute of Professional Learning Te Whai Toi Tangata

The Institute of Professional Learning/Te Whai Toi Tangata (University of Waikato) offers PLD in Gifted education in various forms. MOE approved, well qualified and experienced facilitators, Vivienne Russell and Ingrid Frengley-Vaipuna, can work with kura/kāhui ako/school/ECE settings directly or through centrally funded MOE PLD. They work collaboratively with teachers, learners, parents, whānau and leaders to design professional learning that will be engaging, sustainable and relevant to their culture and community. IPL also run short courses/workshops. ECE settings, schools, kura and kāhui ako can be assisted to:

  • strengthen understanding about gifted education
  • assess what is already working well and identify gaps in gifted education
  • develop the school's capability and confidence to cater appropriately for gifted learners
  • establish processes to identify gifted learners and their strengths and needs
  • implement school-wide culturally responsive provisions for gifted learners
  • track the progress of gifted learners
  • integrate effective teaching and learning practices, in particular for gifted learners
  • apply for centrally funded PLD.

If Gifted education is a likely element of your PLD programme please contact: or to assist in preparing for this.

Massey University

NZAGC - New Zealand Association for Gifted Children

The New Zealand Association for Gifted Children NZAGC exists to promote the needs of gifted kids at national level and support and foster initiatives at local level which meet those needs. Our Constitution puts this more formally as:

NZAGC will champion the cause of gifted children at home and in their schooling and beyond. NZAGC will foster the educational and social development of gifted children through the achievement of a climate in which giftedness is recognised understood and accepted as a valuable human attribute and in which the special needs of gifted children are met effectively and with generosity.

The NZAGC provides an environment where gifted children their parents teachers and other education professionals can meet and learn from each other and help each other.

NZCGE - New Zealand Centre of Gifted Education

Part of the vision of the NZCGE is to provide a suite of wrap around services to support gifted children. Through their Consultancy Services they aim to work alongside educators, parents and other adults to help them better support their gifted children. Professional Learning and Development opportunities can be grouped into the following:

  • Professional Learning and Development workshops on wide variety of topics associated with understanding and meeting the needs of gifted learners.
  • Support with design of school-based programmes.
  • Mentoring for teachers with responsibility for gifted education in their school.
  • Resource Teacher Support for the design of personalised plans for students.
  • Professional Learning and Development on the Framework for Depth and Complexity.

O.A.G.C. The Otago Association for Gifted Children

Email: The Otago Association for Gifted Children (OAGC) is a group of parents and teachers working together to support gifted children and their families both at home and at school. OAGC holds informal forums and organises speakers on a range of topics related to gifted children, runs social activities for gifted children and their families and hosts a regular support group for parents with twice exceptional (2e) children.

OAGC Facebook Page

Potential to Performance

Potential to Performance Ltd, established in 2018, runs online courses as well as face to face support for educators, parents and students, providing practical inspiration. It is a MOE Accredited Provider. Specialisation and support include giftedness, inclusive education, relationship-based learning/cultural responsiveness, coaching/change management, thinking skills, digital fluency, innovative learning and collaborative practice.

Brooke Trenwith, the Director, is President of the New Zealand Association for Gifted Children, a New Zealand Representative on the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children and a NZ Ministry of Education Accredited consultant. She has taught early childhood through to university level, been a GaTE Coordinator and was assistant director of an English Language School in Taiwan. Brooke was project leader of the MOE Te Toi Tupu contract, helping schools develop robust, transparent and cohesive approaches to gifted education. In 2018, Brooke is on the Reference Group for the Ministerial Review of Curriculum, Progress and Achievement (Year 1-10) and the Ministerial Advisory Group for Gifted Education .

REACH Education Consultancy

REACH Education Consultancy provides a range of options. The ability to find the right fit for you or your school comes firstly from our in-depth knowledge of the research and best practice in this field. They network with colleagues internationally, link to key publications and constantly review and update materials. They bring this expertise into all PLD, advisory and advocacy work. MoE-accredited tutors have decades of experience in working directly with gifted children and young people face to face in the classroom, in special groups and in person. Experience which gives a special depth of insight not achievable in any other way. How can they help your school – and you?

Provide in-depth training for individual teachers

Our online Certificate of Effective Practice in Gifted Education has been winning high praise from participants ever since it began in 2006.

It’s ideal both for GATE coordinators and for classroom teachers wanting to help gifted learners. It has a strong emphasis on practical strategies, with tasks directly related to your teaching situation. You work individually with one of their expert tutors and have permanent access to a huge archive of research and resource material. There are two delivery options, starting at the beginning of the year or mid-year. And it’s affordable!

Providing an individualised school programme

{a} Using a specially developed “Status Analysis”, they can work with you to identify both the strengths and the gaps in your school’s provision for gifted learners, and help you use this information to plan for effective development.

{b} Adapted to your specific situation and dependent partly on your location, they can provide a wide variety of PLD support options, eg:

  • policy development
  • identification procedures (including twice-exceptional students)
  • using acceleration
  • using ability grouping
  • parent/whānau involvement
  • developing registers
  • developing the GATE Coordinator’s role
  • meeting with you and your BOT to support you in explaining the need for gifted provision and the BOT’s role
  • holding a parent meeting to support you in providing expert answers to parent questions about the need for gifted provision and what it involves

Staff workshops can be delivered on identified topics, such as:

  • defining and understanding giftedness
  • recognising the gifted learner in your class
  • differentiating lesson material in the regular classroom
  • considering cultural differences
  • (at high school level) preparing gifted students for life beyond school years
  • working with your community
  • specific topics, eg literacy and gifted learners

Did you know??? Because gifted learners are at high risk of underachievement, the Ministry will consider applications for Ministry-funding for PLD programmes in this field. The usual application procedures apply, and they can assist you with completing your proposal.

TGC The Taranaki Gifted Community Trust

The overarching goal is to support schools in meeting the needs of their gifted learners. Every year TGC provides professional development opportunities for all Mindplus cluster school staff to attend free of charge. TGC also provides links to resources for schools, a termly focus newsletter and support for GATE representatives or Principals. Meeting the needs of gifted learners can be complex and overwhelming, particularly with the competing demands of teaching today. TGC aims to provide an easy to access portal, with quick, efficient and practical resources and documents that can have a true impact on your gifted learners.

The Taranaki Gifted Community Trust also organises Professional Development workshops for educators at least 4 times a year.

If you're interested in being a part of growing awareness in Taranaki in gifted education or if you are a GATE Coordinator at one of the Taranaki Mindplus cluster schools, please email Cushla Young to register your interest:

University of Auckland

Post-graduate Opportunities In Gifted at University of Auckland

The University has been ranked 20th out of 800 universities worldwide as one of the best universities in the world to study Education. This places the Faculty of Education and Social Work top in New Zealand, and among the best globally. The faculty is officially recognised as the most research-productive and internationally reputable education faculty in the country and the lecturers delivering the gifted courses are nationally and internationally recognised for their work.

The content of the post-graduate gifted courses is based on the latest evidence-based research in the field. The courses have been designed to be of practical value, both to teachers in all the sectors, and to those interested in gifted who may not have a teaching background. The two Post-graduate courses (EDUC 711 and EDUC 738) together make a Post-graduate Certificate. They can also be used as a pathway to masters or doctoral degrees. In recent years dozens of students have become interested in gifted through one of these courses or simply hearing a lecture on gifted during their Initial Teacher Education programme, and subsequently focussing on gifted in their research toward masters and doctoral degrees.

Victoria University

Victoria University provide several courses in GaTE at various levels. Some are taught online.